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At Dignitas, we have a belief that people want to do things that are bold, that challenge them and create big goals, but sometimes the founder or family behind that business isn't sure how to start. In today's market, there is no better time to sell. Prices are high and there are numerous operators looking to buy.

Most importantly, we understand the person behind the business - you. Having a deep understanding of what it means to be a founder, why you do what you do and how that influences your business is what we specialize in. But before we talk transactions, let's talk why you are looking to sell.

In food manufacturing alone, there have been more than 50 transactions in the past calendar year with values ranging between $1MM and $100MM (see the full analysis below). What is great about the food manufacturing space is that buyers are building portfolios in the industry. Many of the deals stated above are the third, fourth and even fifth deal for that buyer. Why is this important?

Buyers are looking for opportunities to scale the industry in ways that haven't been done before. By buying multiple companies, this achieves that goal. Buyers want as much of the market as they can get and they will pay top dollar for it, as consumers have numerous niche interests within the industry and buyers want to cater to as many of these interests as possible. Are you ready for your business to join the market?

If you are interested in learning more about how Dignitas could help your business with an exit strategy, please fill out the form below and someone from the Dignitas team will be in touch shortly.

*Data collected through Pitchbook