Why You Should Be at Catalyst 2016

Executing something game-changing for your business can be overwhelming. In today's market it can be hard to fully reach the potential desired during the process and execution of an acquisition. Business owners may interact with advisors or sellers who are all numbers and may not appreciate the importance of the business' story. 

At Dignitas, we think the story is a vital part of the entire acquisition narrative. You are an investor. By acquiring a business, you are creating the potential to increase the value of your business by accelerating your growth and entry into new markets. Understanding your personal story and how it connects to you as an investor in your business is the cornerstone of Catalyst, an M&A accelerator launching this Fall. 

This program offers exactly what the market is missing, information for those already operating a successful business who need guidance on how to strategize the next step for the company or how to better refine their current strategy.
— Amber Johns, Founder and Partner, Jackson Corporate Law Offices

During this personalized, free program business owners will learn to be deliberate about the experience for potential buyers because it's people that make acquisitions work - not numbers. With a deliberate tone and sequencing of communication, Catalyst teaches business operators to create the best buyer experience possible. 

Catalyst is unlike any other M&A program because of the unique experience you have as a business operator. Through thought-provoking content, dynamic conversations, one-on-one coaching, a toolbox of world-class advisory and collaboration between participants, Catalyst creates the most beneficial environment for its participants to create a successful, personalized program. 

It [Catalyst] was valuable because it taught me the tools necessary to properly analyze where my company is as far as growth and what I need to do to achieve my growth goals.
— Amber Johns

Following a kick-off, full-day conference with the entire cohort, participants will have one-on-one coaching sessions with top industry experts who can help you create a personalized roadmap to acquisition. "The one-on-one coaching sessions are phenomenal and are really the backbone of the program," said Amber Johns. 

Following the two coaching sessions, participants have the opportunity to work with Dignitas to execute the acquisition at a discounted rate. With a proven process and network of world-class advisors the Catalyst team has created a program that has not been done before.

Catalyst had a more defined goal in helping businesses focus on growth and creating a defined strategy for it. I have not seen nor been apart of programs with this ever-so-important focus.
— Joseph Sheahan, Co-Founder and CEO, SAVVO

Applications are now live for the 2016 cohort of Catalyst. You can learn more about the program here and apply below!