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Creating and owning your own business can be an intimidating jump, but also a very rewarding experience. Beekeeping couple, Cory and Krystle Gaiser, admit that starting Gaiser Bee Co., has been the best decision they’ve ever made.

There was a need in the community for the skills that we offered. We realized a gap in the market and decided we could fill it.
— Cory Gaiser, M.D.

As urban farmers in Cincinnati, the couple had always had a variety of animals they’ve cared for on their land. From dogs and chickens, to turtles and bees, the Gaisers have always had their hands full with a busy backyard full of creatures. But, it wasn’t until they noticed a gap in the market for beekeeping and the growing popularity of the honey bee that their passion for a potential business grew. “There was a need in the community for the skills that we offered. We realized a need in the market and decided we could fill it,” Cory said.


After seeking out a mentor’s guidance, attending conferences around the country, and becoming the go-to “bee-ple” regarding advisory and inspiration in the business, the husband and wife team decided to open their full service beekeeping company. Gaiser Bee Co. provides a variety of beekeeping experiences. From offering educational involvement classes with hands on backyard beekeeping, to their very own Host-A-Hive program which allows you to experience these amazing insects in your own backyard.


Along with the locally-owned beekeeping business, they utilize every aspect of the bees and their environment. From selling the raw and local honey to the public, creating their own bath bombs, lotion and Chapstick, to designing their own jewelry and catchy t-shirts, the Gaiser Bee Co. uses their unique products and interactive social media to get the word out about their business and how the public can become involved in saving the bees.

Cory reflects back on his favorite memory of owning the business with their very first hive customer. But finding time to make sure their customers get the best care possible while juggling their own personal and professional lives is one challenge Cory himself faces due to working full time as a medical doctor throughout the week.

Find how you can be productive and develop a successful routine.
— Krystle Gaiser

Krystle, however, finds working from home and having to establish a daily routine to clock in and clock out of work as one of her biggest challenges. “You have to know when to turn off life and turn on business,” she said. As a cofounder, website designer, head of marketing and content, and a beekeeper, Krystle finds herself wearing multiple hats in the company, but says “being [her] own boss” is the most rewarding and best part of owning her own business.


As a husband and wife team, you could think that mixing business with pleasure could be hard and arise some conflicting views on running a business. But both having their own roles within the company has made them extremely successful and a joy to work together. Cory defines it as “a wonderful experience that has actually brought us closer together. We both bring different ideas and skill sets to the table that make for a successful business.”


As the passion for saving the bees expands throughout the country and the desire to learn about the species increases, the Gaiser’s have recently closed on an 8.5 acre teaching farm to provide the education and skills in the market place to educate the public about bees.

You have to know when to turn off life, and turn on business.
— Krystle Gaiser

“Find how you can be productive and develop a successful routine,” Krystle advises anyone who is looking to start a successful business. Cory admits that customer service “is and always will be the most important aspect of the business” when it comes to maintaining a business.


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