At Dignitas, our goal is to help business owners accomplish big and bold growth goals. Doing big and bold things are what all business owners strive for, but in order to make those things happen, big and bold training is needed. In all aspects of life, training provides you with the skills necessary to take on the challenge ahead of you. This could be a triathlon, a UX design course or preparing for a high stakes transaction. Understanding where you need assistance and what your strong suits are a part of any training. 

When it comes to business, operators should train to think like an investor in their own business. Of course, you are an investor. You've dedicated your time, money and efforts to your business, but are you looking at your company through the lens of a trained and experienced investor?

DRE helped me to better understand how to structure my business
and accomplish my growth goals.
— DRE Client


Through a series of intensive workshops and deep dives into your business, we will discover the challenges you face that are keeping you from your growth goals. 

Deal Readiness for Entreprenuers (DRE) packages the modules and discussions needed to get your business deal ready. While you may be thinking it isn't the right time for deal, DRE gives you everything you need when you get to that step. Together, we will look at the core pillars of your business and determine the best strategy for deal readiness. DRE will focus on you as an operator and entrepreneur and the challenges you are facing in your business. Each DRE client will dive deep into the following areas:


What is your purpose? Why do you wake up each morning to run your business? This reflection exercise allows us to understand not only your purpose as an operator, but your business's purpose.


We will break down your current strategy and determine the best growth strategy moving forward. This exercise determines the right target audience, offering and competitive advantages.


Is your concept the right one? Do you have product market fit? Are your concept and purpose reflected in your business model? If so, is it working?


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