Dignitas has created a solution for business owners to tackle their toughest questions regarding the value and growth trajectory of their business. Catalyst is a six-week accelerator program that provides business owners the opportunity to learn how to best navigate their path to success and enhance the value of their business through an M&A accelerator program.

Following a kick-off, full-day conference with the entire cohort, participants will have one-on-one coaching sessions with top industry experts who help them develop a custom roadmap for acquisition. 

M&A program

The M&A program of Catalyst will provide business owners the personalized, safe space needed to learn how to create the most value for their business through merger and acquisition. Through one-on-one coaching, a team of industry experts will create a business roadmap to execute the acquisition. Following the program, business owners will have the opportunity to work with the team of advisors to execute the acquisition.

The ideal candidate for the M&A program is a business owner with $10MM in revenue or $1MM in EBITDA. 

 The M&A program of Catalyst will run for 6 weeks, starting January 20, 2017 with the full-day conference. 

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW LIVE: the application deadline is December 10, 2016.