Coaching for Growth 2017

Coaching for Growth is designed to provide entrepreneurs direct one-on-one business coaching to support business growth and promote job creation.  Through participation in a four-month program that includes a series of workshops and one-on-one coaching the entrepreneurs will develop a multi-disciplinary framework to spur revenue growth and profitability (EBITDA). Participants will also learn about the merits of accessing capital markets and acquiring other business to grow at a faster rate.  

At the end of the program, the C4G participants will have an opportunity to participate in a business showcase where they will perform 7-minute pitches to an audience about their growth plans and a strategic “ask” in one of the following clusters: 

1) Requests for investors to raise capital for growth initiatives  

2) Opportunity to become one of their advisory board members 

3) Customer introductions or referrals 


Criteria to Apply: 

- Revenues greater than $250K 

- Two (2) or more full time employees

- Business has been generating revenues for at least three (3) consecutive years